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Keeping the artworks safe is way more difficult than creating the masterpieces especially when you have to send your work to somewhere else. Suppose, you’ve spend months on a project for an upcoming exhibition to display your work and hoping to get positive response. The artworks, which you intend to submit, has been completed and you’re all ready to dispatch them but you’ve made few packing mistakes unintentionally. The days pass and just before 2 to 3 days of the main event, you get saddening news that your artwork was received in broken condition and cannot be displayed that year. Being one of the best Moving Companies in Dubai, we’ve outlined few terrible packing mistakes that most artists make and repent later on. So keep reading and see if you’re packing your artworks right or there’s any unseen problem that may destroy your hard work.


When you have to choose between two different items having different price tags, you’d definitely go for the cheapest one because who doesn’t like to save money right? But using cheap packing material is not a wise decision to make because if you go with this approach, you’re simply taking a big risk. The risk in terms of reliability and the guarantee of a safe transition from your address to the destination and that you wouldn’t want to happen with you when you’re planning to exhibit your masterpieces right? A wise approach is to consult with the moving supervisor about the packing procedure and material when looking for the best moving companies in Dubai. These guys know about different packing materials and their quality and they can guide you in right direction with respect to selecting the packing material for your artworks.


When packing up the paintings and other artworks, majority of people fail to take right measurement that results in dissatisfaction later on. Imagine yourself packing up one of your best artworks and taking measurements for cutting the wrapping paper. You took measurements, started to cut the wrapping paper and packing box but as you try to put in the canvas, you encounter with a very irritating problem i.e. short box and wrapping paper than your artwork’s actual length. You need to keep the whole volume of your artwork in account and try to cut the paper and boxes at least half inch extra than the actual size. Remember that you can always fill the gaps later on but cutting exact size might not work in your favor. That’s the trick majority of moving companies in Dubai use and you should give it a try.


Art galleries see different types of art forms coming their way either for display or for participation purposes. One terrible mistake that artists make is to not labeling the packed artwork in accurate manner. Suppose, if your artwork is made with delicate material that might ruin with few hard touches during the transition then you need to state that before dispatching your work. Moving companies in Dubai find these labels very useful to handle each order safely so never miss to label your artwork.

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