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As the year is about to end, there is a good news that would really make your day if you’re facing rental difficulties with your current apartment. Dubai Land Development has issued an update regarding the rental index for running quarter that says tenants in some of residential communities would be receiving up to 25% discount in their rents. Sounds good? I’m sure it does as no one would refuse paying less for an amazing apartment, isn’t it? So what exactly you can expect with this new prediction that Dubai Land Development has just made public? Read on and discover the exact residential communities that should be on your list for replacing your residence and move your apartment.

News In-Focus!

As Arabian Business states, all the areas are segregated according to the rental effect they would have in coming quarter of running year.

Firstly, there are residential areas that would see a considerable increase in their rents and tenants residing in these areas would have to pay more according to their contract. This group includes Riggat Al Buteen, Port Saeed and Ayal Nasir, as the report states.

Secondly, there are those residential communities that would have no effect in running quarter of the year. This group includes freehold residential communities and tenants would not have to worry about rent increase within this category.

Haider Tuaima – Head of Research at ValuStrat – has predicted a rental decline of up to 25% in some of residential communities based on the data Dubai Land Department has just made public. According to Tuaima, this tendency of rental decrease would see a massive trend of moving among the tenants that seek apartments with lesser rents.

Expected Effects:

Areas including Deira, Bur Dubai and Downtown are on a verge of rental increase from the past few years so this new update provides a relief to tenants seeking cheaper residential communities. Paying less for your apartment’s rent automatically enables you to save a considerable amount of money. Secondly, it would also benefit you to explore new residential units that the landlords are willing to fill with a tenant.

What Should You Do Now?

Given the fact that majority of freehold residential communities would see a considerable decrease in their rents, this is the perfect time that you plan your year. Being a Moving Company in Dubai, we would suggest you to consider changing your accommodation and start looking for a new apartment that would cost you less if you intend to reduce your expenses.

Making an early decision would benefit you in many ways as the Christmas and New Year Eve are just around the corner and offices would not be operational during this time. So we believe – being a moving company in Dubai – that this is the perfect timing for you to get in touch with a real estate agency, find an accommodation that suits your budget and get settled in your new apartment within early weeks of January 2018.

Another reason that you should consider moving your apartment within December is that packing of your furniture would take a great amount of time if you manage things on your own instead of calling in a professional moving company to seek their packing services.

For further moving consultancy or suggestions, you may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get complete assistance with your moving day schedule and costs.

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